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Brow Lamination

Do you have unruly eyebrows that refuse to come to an acceptable shape? Brow lamination is the right choice for you. In this treatment, we smoothen the brows while providing volume and fullness along with the desired shape. The effects of brow lamination can last for eight weeks.

Guest Capacity for Entire Restaurant Event

Who should opt for brow lamination?

People with fuller eyebrows who have unruly hair can benefit from this treatment as it does not include adding new hair or volume. Wire-like hair, wild or bunched together hair are some of the problems that brow lamination fixes.

People with less brow hair will not benefit from this treatment. Also, people with certain medical conditions, pregnancy, skin conditions, or lash lifting reactions should avoid or wait before getting brow lamination.

The treatment will take about an hour and includes sculpting and tinting (if you choose).

Guest Capacity for Entire Restaurant Event