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Eyelashes are a crucial aspect of the face that can have a significant impact on the way a person looks. Women have used various methods to improve their eyelashes for ages, from mascara to false eyelashes. However, in the last few years, two brand new methods have come to light that has gained a lot of attention including eyelash extensions as well as eyelash lifts.

Lashes lifts and eyelash extensions are both ways of improving natural eyelashes. However, they’re not identical. This article will explain the distinctions between these two.

eyelash extensions: Extensions of the eyelashes require the attachment of individual mink or synthetic extensions to the natural lashes by using a specific adhesive. The extensions are put on by professional lash artists, and the process could last anywhere from one to three hours, based on the number of lashes to be placed. The extensions are applied with a semi-permanent glue and may last for a few weeks, contingent on the individual’s growth rate.

Cosmetologist applying mask on a face of client in a beauty salon

There are many types of extensions for eyelashes that include classic, hybrid or volume. Classic lashes are applied by applying an extension on each natural lash while volume lashes require applying multiple extensions to every natural lash. Hybrid lashes combine the best of volume and classic lashes.

The popularity of eyelash extensions is since they give a dramatic, full appearance to the lashes and they remove the requirement for mascara. However, they need regular maintenance, and they can cost you a lot. In addition, if not properly applied they may cause damage to natural lashes.

Lash Lifts: Lash lifts are, however involves curling the natural lashes by applying an acid solution. It is then applied over lashes and then curled again on a silicone-based shield. The solution is removed and the setting solution is then applied to secure the lashes into their place.

Lash lifts can be performed in the salon or at home with an eyelash lift kit. They’re a natural-looking alternative to extensions for eyelashes and do not require frequent maintenance. Lash lifts can also be an excellent option for people who suffer from eye irritation or allergies to the adhesive used for eyelash extensions.

However, the lash lifts don’t offer the same dramatic appearance as eyelash extensions and they don’t provide length or volume for the eyes. They just curl the natural lashes and improve their appearance.

In the end, Eyelash extensions and lifts are both popular ways to enhance natural lashes. However, they’re not exactly identical. Extensions for eyelashes give a more extravagant, full appearance to the lashes. On the other hand, mascara lifts are simply a way to curl natural lashes. Both have advantages and disadvantages The final decision is based on personal preference and personal preferences. It is essential to do your find a reliable expert for both methods to get the most effective results and to avoid possible damage to your natural eyelashes.

Find the most effective Lash lifts in Melbourne exclusively from Shellz Brow & bar. This is the newest trend in the market. The effects of the treatment will continue after showering and swimming, and the effect will last between 6 and 8 weeks.

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The method and the products we employ to lift lashes make the procedure less time-consuming, and the result lasts longer. It takes just 40 minutes to achieve the perfect placement of the lashes.

Lash lifting involves conditioning and nourishment of the lashes while keeping the lashes from being curled to the point of over-curling. This process can help give the appearance of fuller and longer mascara and is typically suitable for both long and short lashes.

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