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How To Make Your Lash Extension Last Longer?

The eyes are the most striking feature on a human’s face, and while they are naturally made beautiful, a little tweak can do no harm but enhance the appeal. This is why more and more beauty enthusiasts are searching for the best lash extensions near me. Whether you want to flash a full-glam look or wish to add just a little more volume to your already beautiful lashes, lash extension is your way to achieve the best results. The lash extension game can take your looks to a new level when paired with professional eyebrow near me services.

Sadly, few of us know how to maintain lashes for a longer time. Most people complain that the lashes get spoiled easily, and you have to do the entire process over again. Leading lash extension near me service providers explain that lash maintenance is more than necessary.

In this post, we will talk about eyelash extensions, the importance of aftercare after eyelash extensions, and how to maintain them.

What Are Lash Extensions?

To brush up on your understanding, an eyelash extension is a process in which A professional eyelash extensions artist adds synthetic lashes above the natural ones using a high-quality adhesive. It is a complicated process in which skills, product quality, and precision matter greatly. Depending upon eye shape, lash health, and the style you want, the professional would offer you the best options.

When you work with the best lash extensions in Melbourne, you get the best results, and it is vital to maintain them well using proper aftercare techniques.

Why is lash extension aftercare important?

Leading eyebrows near me, professionals specializing in lash extensions explain that lash extension is one of the best beauty investments. It enhances your looks significantly and hence must be taken care of. Moreover, with proper care, you can have lash extensions for a longer time and prevent eye infections and allergies. This means that your natural lashes will also have the best health. Here is how to care for your lash extensions.

Lash aftercare guide by best lash extensions near me professionals:

First 24-48 hrs.

To ensure lash retention, the professional advises avoiding getting the lashes wet for at least 24-48 hrs. When the glue from the lash extensions comes in contact with moisture in the air, a chemical reaction starts forming polymer chains. This reaction makes the glue more effective as it bonds more effectively with your natural lashes. However, when the moisture levels are high, the reaction goes wrong, weakening the glue and its bond with natural lashes.

This is why professionals advise avoiding high moisture environments after 24-48 hrs of lash extensions. It is also advised to use minimal makeup and avoid chlorine and bleach.

 Eyelash extensionsLash care after 24-48 hrs

Lash extensions near me are an expensive investment but offer great returns if you care for them well. You must follow certain aftercare procedures to ensure your lash extensions last longer.

1-      Avoid using oil-based makeup

Oil reacts with the glue on the extensions and makes them weak. The professional lash extensions near me services advise avoiding using oil-based cleansers, moisturisers, wipes, eye creams, makeup products, and makeup removers after a lash extension job.

2-      Avoid touching them

You might not feel comfortable with the lashes in the first few days, but avoiding touching, pulling, or rubbing them is important to prevent damage. When pulled or rubbed, lash extensions come off and harm the natural lash follicles.

3-      Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Putting pressure on the lashes is a big No; to ensure you do not indulge in the practice, you must sleep on your back. Also, to make it easier, you must always use silk pillow covers, which are soft on the lashes.

4-      Clean the lashes

Once you have the perfect results from the lash extensions near me, you must follow the cleaning instructions to keep them safe and healthy. This must start after the first 48 hrs are over.

5-      Remove eye makeup

It would help if you refrained from using any oil-based makeup product after lash extensions. Find great water-based alternatives, and even then, make sure you remove the makeup on and around the eyes before you hit the bed.

Lash extensions near me come in different styles, shapes, and price tags. If you want the best results from the process, you must take care of them religiously. Like eyebrows near me, lash extensions are a complicated procedure that offers long-lasting results. However, if you do not take the proper care, you can not only lose the artificial lashes faster but also affect the health of your natural lashes.

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